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Home Products UL-L199
UL-L199 is rectangular tube platform which is researched and designed by ourselves according to the repair requirement of a variety of models at home and abroad, which has many improvement in welding technology, choosing material, equipment parameters and stress intensity and so on. It is very precise, faster, non-working blind, be in accord with the technician habit, high grade configuration and more convenience for operation. It is particularly suitable for all kinds of import cars, commercial vehicle and SUV which need intensive stretching.
Series Products
  • UL-388E
  • UL-388E
  • UL-299E
  • UL-299E
Product features


The platform is rectangular tube platform, and the thickness of rectangular tube is 6mm, welded full board of many positioning holes surround the platform, the tolerance is small for flatness, strength is big, and many station holes is convenient for fixing any tools, no tensile dead zone.

Tilt hydraulic lifting platform makes the accidental vehicle loaded and unloaded more convenient(even drive the car onto the platform directly).

The tower can be rotated 360 degree along the platform which is operated more convenient, more intensity. The material use 10mm seamless pipe.


The unique design of the main clamps spiral movements, in the jaw to maintain the level of state, the upper and lower pole vertically movements, fine-tuning the level of all kinds of different vehi

cle chassis height of rapid adjustment

The jaws of main clamps unique adjustable design, only two screws, the thimble jaws, a variety of auto models that the rapid clamping firm to improve work efficiency.


The tools mechanical streamline design, after metal, heat treatment process, long service life and high-intensity, almost considered all deformation correction.


The leading arm can supply multi-direction tensile during the collision repair.


Eagle Pro Hydraulic systems.