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After balancing the feature of the equipment, especially the lifting stable, lifting speed, flexibility and so on, and your country’s sheet metal technician’s use habit, we recommend the model of UL-399E to your company to meet the continually developing market demands, and considering the equipment is easy to use for your company.
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Product features

UL-399E auto collision repair equipment, it is referenced and absorbed North American’s advanced technology, integrated many years experiences in auto collision repairing, mixed a number of patented technologies, the newest car type design technique and safety design technique of European and American several big automotive companies. It is an innovated product in the current market. With an integrated computer electronic cabinet control system, the vertical lifting platform is operated by a remote control device. Three triple output oil system makes lifting, unlocking, dropping and locking possible through a key. Full automation, technological innovation, humanized design, practical working philosophy. Main functions performance in:

●Flat plate and square hole working platform is made through the following process:

It is made of High-quality manganese steel, then CNC Plasma Cutting, Panasonic CO2 welding machine, the whole surface plane, large shot- blasting machine remove rust and welding slag, Eliminate welding stress, electrostatic painting, so that make sure the requirements of using strength , rust prevention, and the appearance.

●Parallel self-locking hydraulic lifting platform, lifting stable and the fast lifting speed .The lifting platform is provided double safety by hydraulic pressure and mechanical locking devices, so that make sure any of the accident car is convenient for up and down .The lifting range is 300mm-1500mm, so the frame height can be adjusted freely in the range according to the repair needs.

●The pulling towers can work along the track for 360° rotation, operated more convenient. The pulling towers pull strong each other and highly active, and the material is made of the 10mm wall thickness seamless pipe.

●The jaw of main clamps, spiral movements, in the jaw to maintain the level of state, the upper and lower pole vertically movements, fine-tuning the level of all kinds of different vehicle chassis height of rapid adjustment .

●The unique design of workholding jaw, it is fixed by only two bolts, table top needle jaw to make sure every type car is quickly and firmly clamped, improve efficiency.

●The function of leading arm: provide stretching for any point and any directions during the collision repair process, provide powerful up stretching.

●Pneumatic jack beam(three layers):

Only press air to be as power supply, the speed up ,can lift 3 ton, the lowest point is 150mm, the highest point is 450mm, easy to move, and can easily adjust the chassis height, install main clamps when repair different incident vehicle chassis height, it can be independently used as hydraulic floor jacks.

●High Precision alloy measuring system, it is made of special aluminum. It can make three-dimensional coordinate measure, so that make the car body size is same as the original car.

●To allocate one centralized electric control cabinet. Remote control: A key in hand, operate freely.

Remote controller: Make the platform lift, please press “up” key; make the platform down, please press the “down” key. When you need the tower up and down stretching, please press “tower one” key or “tower two” key.

●The global data synchronization by Mitchell and the major automotive companies provide and maintain the latest data models.

●Perfect service system, completely relieve your worries.